Cheer camp!


Bring Camp form filled out, including insurance info. Orange, black, or white shirts for Thursday (Rhy, Rachel, Jill, Lill, nev, Meg, Jaelah and lex b. Are gonna be white

Taylor, faith, Cassidy, Alyssa, Emily, Kenzie and Nakya are gonna be black

ash, Avery, Amb, Cora, Kiah, Lexi L and Brooke are gonna be orange

This is based on stunt groups and the people that are not in stunt groups I added into groups… I did orange to black to white based on pyramid ),

parade outfits for friday (the blue and red shirts). Cheer shoes, socks, hair up, jewelry out when you get there. Bring lots of water and maybe something to snack on… Thursday be there at 10:30am. We will be done at 6, not sure how long we have for lunch. I will let you know as soon as I find out. Bring money! Some of the cheerleaders will car pool to subway or something. You can always bring a lunch and car pool too! Just throwing out ideas… We may get food and eat in the restaurant or go back to the high school to eat! We’ll see! Text if you have any questions! Make sure to eat breakfast